WITS University Masters Degree Courses

By | May 3, 2018

WITS University Postgraduate School Masters Degree Courses

  • Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management


MBA – Business Administration

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MCom – Business Economics


MCom – Finance


MCom – Master of Commerce

MCom – Accounting

MCom – Development Theory and Policy

MCom – Information Systems

MCom – Marketing

MCom – Taxation

MEconSc – Master of Economic Science

LLM – International Law

LLM – Master of Laws

LLM – Commercial and Business Law

LLM – Corporate Law

LLM – Environmental Law

LLM – International Economic Law

LLM – Labour Law

LLM – Pensions Law

LLM – Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation

LLM – Information and Communications Law

MM – Master of Management

MM – Business and Executive Coaching

MM – Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

MM – Social Security, Policy Management and Administration

MM – Finance and Investment Management

MM – Governance and Public Leadership

MM – Innovation Studies

MM – Public and Development Management

MM – Public and Development Sector Monitoring and Evaluation

MM – Public Policy

MM – Strategic Marketing

MM – Security

LLM – Tax Law

  • Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

MArch(Prof) – Architecture (Professional)

MArch – Sustainable and Energy Efficient Cities

MSc (Eng) – Chemical Engineering


MEng – Civil and Environmental Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Civil and Environmental Engineering


MSc (Eng) – Electrical Engineering


MArch – Architecture

MUD – Urban Design

M Urban Studies – Urban Studies

MEng – Engineering

MSc (DP) – Development Planning

MBE – Housing

MEng – Electrical Engineering

MEng – Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

MEng – Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Mining Engineering

MSc (QS) – Quantity Surveying

MSc (Building) – Construction Project Management

MSc (Building) – Property Development and Management

MSc (Eng) – MSc Aeronautical Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Civil and Environmental Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Bulk Materials Handling

MSc (Eng) – Engineering Management

MSc (Eng) – Industrial Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Mechanical Engineering

MSc (Eng) – Systems Engineering

MSc (TRP) – Town and Regional Planning

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

MPH – Health Systems and Policy

MSc (Epi) – Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

MMed – Internal Medicine

MMed – Medical Genetics

MMed – Neurology

MMed – Anaesthesia

MMed – Anatomical Pathology


MMed – Cardio-thoracic Surgery

MMed – Clinical Pathology

MMed – Dermatology

MMed – Diagnostic Radiology

MD – Doctor of Medicine

MMed – Emergency Medicine

MMed – Family Medicine

MSc (Epi) – Field Epidemiology

MMed – Forensic Pathology

MMed – Haemotology

MDent – Dentistry

MDent – Dentistry

MPH – Master of Public Health

MSc – Medicine (Research)

MMed – Microbiology

MMed – Chemical Pathology

MMed – Neurological Surgery

MPH – Health Economics

MPH – Maternal and Child Health

MPH – Occupational Hygiene

MSc (Dent) – Dentistry

MSc (Dent) – Endodontics

MSc (Dent) – Maxillo Facial and Oral Surgery

MSc (Dent) – Oral Medicine

MSc (Dent) – Oral Pathology

MSc (Dent) – Orthodontics

MSc (Dent) – Prosthodontics

MSc (Med) – Bioethics and Health Law

MSc (Med) – Biokinetics

MSc (Med) – Child Health (Neurodevelopment)

MSc (Med) – Emergency Medicine

MSc (Med) – Genetic Counselling

MSc (Med) – Sports Medicine

MSc (Med) – Sports Science

MSc (Epi) – Biostatistics and Epidemiology

MSc (Epi) – Implementation Science

MSc (Epi) – Public Health Informatics

MSc (Epi) – Research Database Management

MSc (Epi) – Biostatistics

MSc (Med) – Master of Science in Medicine

MSc (Nursing) – Nursing (Research)

MSc (OT) – Occupational Therapy

MSc (OT) – Occupational Therapy (Research)

MSc (Physio) – Physiotherapy

MMed – Nuclear Medicine

MSc (Nursing) – Nursing

MMed – Obstetrics and Gynaecology

MMed – Cardio-thoracic Surgery

MMed – Ophthalmology

MMed – Orthopaedic Surgery

MMed – Otorhinolaryngology

MMed – Paediatric Surgery

MMed – Paediatrics

MPharm – Pharmacy

MMed – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

MMed – Psychiatry

MMed – Public Health Medicine

MMed – Radiation Oncology

MPH – Rural Health

MPH – Social and Behaviour Change Communication

MMed – Surgery

DTM&H – Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

MMed – Urology

MMed – Virology

  • Faculty of Humanities

MA – ICT and Policy Regulation

MA – Industrial Sociology

MA – Applied Linguistics


MA (Clinical Psych) – Clinical Psychology

MA (Comm. Based Couns.) – Community-based Counselling

MA – Digital Animation


MEd (Educ Psych) – Educational Psychology

MA – Film and Television

MA (Fine Arts) – Fine Arts

MA – Archaeology

MA – Arts and Culture Studies

MA (Audiology) – Audiology

MA – Critical Diversity Studies

MA – Demography and Population Studies

MA – Development Sociology

MA (Dramatic Art) – Dramatic Art

MA – eScience

MA – Journalism and Media Studies

MA – Labour Policy and Globalisation

MA – Linguistics

MA – Media Studies

MA (Organisational Psych) – Organisational Psychology

MA – Philosophy

MA – Political Studies

MA – Psychology

MA – Publishing Studies

MA – Sociology

MA – Transnational Literary and Cultural Studies

MA – Master of Arts

MA – Creative Writing

MA – Development Studies

MA – German Studies

MA – History

MA – History of Art

MA – Human Geography

MA – International Relations

MA – Health Demography

MMus – Master of Music

MEd – Deaf Education

MEd – Education and Works

MA – Migration and Displacement


MA (Social Work) – Social Work

MA (Speech Path) – Speech Pathology

MA – Applied Drama: Theatre in Education

MA – Applied Ethics for Professionals

MA – Drama Therapy

MA (Heritage) – Heritage

MA – African Literature

MA – Anthropology

MA – Translation

MEd – The Master of Education

  • Faculty of Science

MSc – Hydrogeology

MSc – Mathematics


MSc – Economic Geology

MSc – Environmental Sciences


MSc – Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing


MSc – Master of Science

MSc – Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences

MSc – Archaeological Heritage Management

MSc – Computational and Applied Mathematics

MSc – Computer Science

MSc – Chemistry

MSc – Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies

MSc – Geosciences

MSc – Science Education

MSc – Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

MSc – Mathematics

MSc – Molecular and Cell Biology

MSc – Physics

MSc – eScience

MSc – Mathematical Sciences

MSc – Resource Conservation Biology

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