WITS University Postgraduate School Doctoral Degree Courses

By | May 3, 2018

WITS University Postgraduate School Doctoral Degree Courses

  • Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management

BAccSc(Hons) – Accounting Science

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BCom(Hons) – Bachelor of Commerce Honours

BEconSc(Hons) – Economic Science

BCom(Hons) – Business Finance

BCom(Hons) – Business Sciences (Marketing)

BCom(Hons) – Economics

BCom(Hons) – Human Resources

BCom(Hons) – Information Systems

BCom(Hons) – Insurance and Risk Management

BCom(Hons) – Management

  • Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

BAS(Hons) – Architectural Studies

BSc(Hons)(CM) – Construction Management

BSc(Hons)(QS) – Quantity Surveying

BSc(Hons)(URP) – Urban and Regional Planning

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

BHSc(Honours) – Health Sciences with Honours

BCMP (Hons) – Emergency Medicine

BHSc(Honours) – Forensic Sciences

BHSc(Honours) – Human Biology

BHSc(Honours) – Medical Cell Biology

BHSc(Honours) – Molecular Medicine

BHSc(Honours) – Pharmacology

BHSc(Honours) – Human Genetics

BHSc(Honours) – Bioethics and Health Law

BHSc(Honours) – Biokinetics

  • Faculty of Humanities

BA (Honours) – History

BA (Honours) – African Languages and Linguistics

BA (Honours) – Archaeology

BA (Honours) – Arts, Culture and Heritage Management

BA (Honours) – Bachelor of Arts Honours

BA (Honours) – African Literature

BA (Honours) – Applied Drama: Theatre in Education

BA (Honours) – Creative Writing

BA (Honours) – Development Studies

BA (Honours) – Drama Therapy

BA (Honours) – Geography

BA (Honours) – History of Art

BA (Honours) – International Relations

BA (Honours) – Journalism and Media Studies

BA (Honours) – Labour Policy and Globalisation

BA (Honours) – Linguistics

BA (Honours) – Media Studies

BA (Honours) – Organisational Psychology

BA (Honours) – Philosophy

BA (Honours) – Political Studies

BA (Honours) – Psychology

BA (Honours) – Publishing Studies

BA (Honours) – Sociology

BA (Honours) – Transnational Literary and Cultural Studies

BA (Honours) – Drama and Film

BA (Honours) – Heritage Studies

BA (Honours) – Fine Art

BA (Honours) – Music

BA (Honours) – Demographic and Population Studies

BA (Honours) – Joint Honours

BA (Honours) – Anthropology

BA (Honours) – Migration Studies

BEd(Hons) – Deaf Studies

BEd(Hons) – Education

MEd (Educ Psych) – Educational Psychology

BA (Honours) – English

BA (Honours) – South African Sign Language

BA (Honours) – Translation or Interpreting

  • Faculty of Science

BSc(Hons) – Actuarial Science

BSc(Hons) – Advanced Mathematics of Finance

BSc(Hons) – Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences

BSc(Hons) – Applied Bioinformatics

BSc(Hons) – Big Data Analytics

BSc(Hons) – Computational and Applied Mathematics

BSc(Hons) – Computer Science

BSc(Hons) – Mathematical Sciences

BSc(Hons) – Genetics and Developmental Biology

BSc(Hons) – Geochemistry

BSc(Hons) – Geology

BSc(Hons) – Mathematical Statistics

BSc(Hons) – Mathematics

BSc(Hons) – Microbiology and Biotechnology

BSc(Hons) – Science Education

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