University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) Postgraduate School Application

By | May 3, 2018

University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) Postgraduate School Application

There are five faculties at the University: Commerce, Law and Management; Engineering and the Built Environment; Health Sciences; Humanities and Science.

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Enquiries for admission to the University as a postgraduate student should be directed to the Student Enrolment Centre

Applicants accepted for the degrees of master (by research) and doctor will be given information on the general regulations and rules pertaining to higher degrees at the time of registration. A booklet recommending the style and format to be followed when presenting a thesis, dissertation or other work is also available from the faculty office at a nominal cost, depending on the faculty.

The admission process

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply online, for the detailed step by step guide to apply click here
  • Certain programmes, eg Psychology, Management etc, require additional departmental forms these will be listed on your to do list on the student self-service portal.  Please complete these additional forms as the application is not complete until this is done and ensure you provide all the requested supporting documentation within the time frames for submission of the documentation. Applications that remain incomplete are withdrawn by the University.  The Additional Departmental Forms are found here.
  • It should be noted that no more than two choices of degree and/or diploma are permitted.
  • All documentation required by the University must be uploaded via the Self Service Portal The University would request for the duly certified hard copies of all academic qualifications only if your application to study is successful.
  • All postgraduate applicants are required to pay an application fee of R200.  Current University of the Witwatersrand students who apply online are not liable for this fee.
  • Once the application is complete in terms of the requested documentation, the application is then referred to the relevant School for assessment.  Applicants can monitor the progress of their applications via the Self Service Portal  Note that all communication that is generated as part of your application is sent to you via e-mail and can also be found on the Self Service Portal (Main Menu-Self-Service-Wits Student Self-Service –Communication). No correspondence is posted to applicants.
  • Selections for programmes that have a limited intake but attract a large number of applications may only finalize the application at the end of the academic year when all applications have closed.
  • Applicants that are requested to provide an Academic Transcript and Degree Certificate are reminded that we require these documents for all tertiary qualifications, please note that credit certificates or statement of results are not acceptable.  Applicants that are currently studying would be required to upload the Final Academic Record only once the final results become available towards the end of the academic year

The faculty office is responsible for the administrative aspects of each faculty. One of the main functions of the faculty office is to advise students, particularly with respect to the interpretation of rules and concessions in terms of the rules. In addition, the following documents may be obtained from the faculty office:

  • Academic record i.e transcript of courses completed at the University and certificates of conduct. A student requiring a transcript of his/her academic record should complete a request form at the faculty office, giving details of his/her registration at the University and student number. A transcript is normally available within five days. A small fee is payable. A student who requires the faculty office to post transcripts direct to other universities or institutions overseas is liable for the cost of postage.
  • Copies of examination results, where applicable. All examination results are posted on the intranet after publication. Results may not be given out over the telephone.
  • Copies of rules, curricula, syllabuses.
  • Certificates stating that a student has fulfilled all the requirements for a degree (prior to graduation)
  • Amendments to registration of courses , programmes and deregistration
  • Certificates of registration can be obtained from the Student-Self–Service


An up-to-date fee statement will be provided by the Fee’s Office after you register. This will give details of the current fees payable and the dates of payment. Note that there is usually an annual increase in fees. International students must pay 75% of their tuition fee before registration.  An estimate of the fees can be obtained prior to registration from the Faculty and then the Fee’s Office.

There are two quotation forms available for students the Local Fee Quotation Form and International Fee Quotation. There may also be a number of miscellaneous fees and charges payable (for example, the fee for admission to status should you be a graduate from another university). Note, too, that if cancelling registration, a penalty may be incurred if the correct procedures are not followed.


Unfortunately our residences have limited capacity. Applicants over the age of 25 years are not normally accommodated in catering residences. When they register in their residences, catered accommodation students are given a choice of how many meals they want each week and in which dining hall they wish to dine. Accommodation in self-catering residences is normally restricted to undergraduate and Honours students under the age of 35 years, and Masters and Doctoral students under the age of 40. Part-time and occasional students are not eligible for University accommodation.

Postgraduate applicants wishing to apply for accommodation in a University residence with effect from the beginning of the academic year (ie January/February) must submit their formal residence application on the prescribed application form by 31 November of the previous year. Unfortunately late applications cannot be accepted.

Very few vacancies occur in our residences during the course of the calendar year. Contact should be made with the Central Accomodation Office regarding availability. A postgraduate applicant wishing to apply for admission to a residence with effect from any other time of the year must indicate such wish clearly on his/her application form. Successful applicants for admission after February each year will be notified per e-mail or telephone, so please ensure that you provide this information on the form.

The Accommodation Officer at the Central Accomodation Office may be contacted for information regarding private accommodation in Johannesburg and its environs.

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Telephone: +27 (0)11 717-9172/3/4. Fax: +27 (0)11 339-8213.

NB: Residences open in early February and close in late November. There is a separate (advance) fee for accommodation in December and January.