IMM Graduate School Academic Support

By | May 6, 2018

IMM Graduate School Academic Support

The objective of your education is to take you to new places. Its purpose is to enrich your life and increase your opportunities. Your education should teach you to combine your knowledge and ideas in interesting ways, so that you can critically interrogate the world and continually discover new things. This is especially relevant in the business world. At the IMM Graduate School we believe that the purpose of studying is not merely to convey information to the student, but to produce a forum conducive to critical analysis.

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This is a challenging task that can only be achieved if all role players are engaged. To achieve these goals, you must be exposed to different kinds of teaching styles and learning media, with each possessing its own advantages, encouraging you to engage in numerous discussions, for the content to challenge your assumptions, and for you to learn to reframe your perspective. Throughout the learning process you will be asked to question your understanding and to challenge stale ideas and knowledge. It is in this manner, in humility, that our knowledge empowers us to take action and make a difference.

Examination Venues


Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg Central, Midrand, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Stellenbosch.


Gaborone (Botswana), Accra (Ghana), Windhoek (Namibia), Ezulwini (Swaziland), Lusaka (Zambia), Bulawayo and Harare (Zimbabwe).