About Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Postgraduate School

By | May 7, 2018

About Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Postgraduate School


To be a university that leads in innovative knowledge and quality technology education.

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Our mission is to produce employable graduates who can make an impact in society by:

Adopting cutting edge technology and teaching methods,

Creating a scholarly environment conducive for knowledge creation, learning and innovation; and,

Developing a Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) that meets the needs of society in Africa and beyond.




Mutual Respect


Honesty and Integrity



Motto: “Your World to a better future!”

VUT’s Strategic Objectives

The VUT Corporate Strategy has strategic objectives:

Create an enabling environment for effective strategic leadership

Build a Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) and institutional curriculum of excellence

Enhance financial viability of VUT

Improve the corporate image of VUT

Improve student access and success

Optimise teaching and learning

New Generation Universities “do different things” to span the main focus areas of teaching and learning, research and community service, under a broader, integrated focus of serving society and, more particularly, their immediate communities (Louw, 2008)

VUT offers postgraduate courses to those students who want intellectual cultivation, character growth and personal development on an unprecedented scale. Our Masters Degrees and Doctorate studies are available within the following faculties:

Our postgraduate courses are emphasized by the intense levels of research required for completion. Postgraduate research requires strict time management on the part of the student because of the many hours involved in gathering, evaluating and reporting on data. Postgraduate research also needs to be done by a student who is independent and who has the self-drive to complete this incredibly formidable task.

The students will not be alone in their endeavors as they will be assisted by both a professional supervisor and the faculty at large. With that support structure, postgraduate students may specialize within their field of study, or change into a field of study within which they have not served before. Ultimately the student will explore new academic boundaries by conducting new research, expanding on existing research, or conducting new methods of measurement and testing.

The minimum required time to complete the course will be one year and the maximum time will be 4 years for Masters and 5 years for Doctorate studies.

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